Repair service

Everyday, we work closely in our studios to develop techniques that will ensure the durability of our products. Since we value every product just as much as you do, we offer you the possibility to benefit from a free repair service. In order to qualify for this, your product must have been purchased within the last 12 months. The service applies to broken zippers, hardware or leather stitches.

If one of these situations can describe the state of your product, please take a photo of the problem area and send it to us at You endeavor to get back to you in 3 days maximum. The delivery costs are supported by the customer.

Your request will be solved within 15 - 30 days after the product was received.

Leather is a material that is affected by the passage of time, it will age naturally, so you might observe imperfections that occur over time due to usage. This is not considered to be a fault and therefore, it does not apply to the service. We reserve the right to deny repair claims that do not qualify.