The essence of Iutta is within the joy of each wearer. 

You are the reason why we put all our passion and dedication within every single symbol we embroider. Your connection with our heritage and core beliefs is what drives and inspires us every single day.

Because we wish to show our appreciation for Iutta’s most loyal customers, we’ve created a program based on your needs and wishes.

As a Iutta Member, you receive a personal membership card, that can’t wait to reach its new owner and bring you joy and numerous advantages. Moreover, we promise not to forget about your special days.

There are three categories of Iutta Members and each has its own desirable features: 

Silver Member/Card

Because you’ve decided to comfort your desire for tradition and culture by acquiring Iutta creations worth over 1000 £, we’re offering you 5% off the price of our products. We hope your new Silver Member nominal card will accompany and inspire you when yearning for more of Iutta’s embroidered symbols. 

Gold Member/Card

You have found yourself within the heritage that is brought to life by our embroidered symbols and you bought products worth over 2000 £. As a result, from now on, you will have 10% off the price of our products. Moreover, your new Gold Member nominal card shall serve as a constant reminder of all the stories and embroideries that await for you inside the Iutta Studio. 

Platinum Member/Card

Out of admiration for the heritage of the earliest times and its profound stories, you have acquired Iutta products worth over 3000 £. As a sign of our appreciation, we’re offering you 15% off the price of our creations. You will also receive a Platinum Member nominal card, to bring back to you the constant joy of our tradition and core beliefs.

How does it work?

Each membership card is nominal and has an unique code which you must use at the end of your order, to claim your discount. Your discount may not be cumulated with other offers and may not be applied for products that are already discounted.