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The North Star embroidered leather bag (green)

The wise men from long gone but not forgotten eras were convinced that the stars of the Ursa Major, from Vega to the North Star, filtered the energy of the universe that springs from the core of the Learn More

Beacon of Light embroidered leather bag (cream)

For days in which you need an accessory with plenty of personality that your entire attire could gravitate around, we designed our Beacon of Light handbag, crafted out of genuine leather and Learn More

Wanderer's Star embroidered leather backpack (black)

Since ancient times, the North Star or the eight-pointed star has represented the primordial reference point for navigators, materialized as the light and hope that brought them closer to their Learn More

Polaris Embroidered Leather Ankle Boots (brown)

Regular Price: £230

Special Price £180

We will never manage to reach the stars, but sometimes we can feed the illusion that we can fly through the clouds, especially when we’re wearing the right pair of shoes. If you wish to add a touch Learn More

Center of the World two-tone embroidered leather bag

Polaris, the steady star of the North , is the main landmark of nomads from ancient times. Inspired by the moments when you look at the sky and just watch the star of the astronaut that guides the Learn More

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Axis Mundi embroidered leather bag (black)

A symbol of absolute knowledge and guiding light, the North Star is the celestial body that inspired the design of our doctor’s bag, decorated with a folk motif endowed with a hint of the magic Learn More

Bucovina Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by the colors and the depths of the Tree of Life symbol, we've worked on the design of a timeless handbag, materialized as an expression of our love for Bucovina, a dreamy land famous for Learn More

Moldova Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by the beauty and the richness of the land of our beloved Moldova region, our Missing Moldova handbag, which reflects our longings for this part of the country, invites you to discover its Learn More

Queen Mary Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by one of our greatest ancestors, Queen Marie, this large tote bag is designed to be as beautiful and unique as herself. We carefully embroidered the leather with royal symbols, added a soft Learn More

Ram`s horns leather bracelet

Inspired by the complex symbolism of the Horns of the Ram, a prominent element in the ancient romanian culture, synonym with vital force, vitality and victory, we have created genuine leather Learn More

Grey Embroidered Leather Wallet

Crafted from premium genuine leather embroidered with traditional romanian symbols full of mystical meanings, our wallet from the Longing for Romanian Values collection catches the eye with the Learn More

Crisana Embroidered Leather Tote

Driven by our admiration for the perpetual flight of the Bird Goddess, the patron of air and water, we have drawn the contours of our Missing Crisana handbag. Spacious, practical, modern and yet so Learn More

The Mother Goat And The Three Kids Leather Bag

Regular Price: £117

Special Price £99

Our longing for our own childhood has inspired us to draw the contours of a wonderful leather bag, imprinted with characters from The Goat and Her Three Kids folktale written by Ion Creanga, and Learn More

Flamingo Black Embroidered Leather Tote

Just like the superb creature that inspired its silhouette, our Flamingo bag is a symbol of grace, elegance, femininity and innocence. All these values are reflected by the design of this statement Learn More

Bird in Space Black leather Pumps

Regular Price: £195

Special Price £130

Replicating the stunning elegance of the The Enchanted Bird, our suede stilettos embellished with colorful embroidery are a timeless accessory, worthy of completing a royal attire. Inspired by the Learn More


Strong essences are always kept in small bottles. Sometimes, the tiniest details encapsulate the most magnetic power of seduction. Based on this logic, we have created the leather coin purse with Learn More

Magpie Orange Embroidered Leather bag

Due to its classic, harmonious contours and beautiful embroidery inspired by the complex symbolism of The Enchanted bird, our Magpie bag is a fresh statement accessory meant to sweeten and ennoble Learn More

Hawk Grey Embroidered Leather Backpack

Named after the creature with the best eyesight on earth- a symbol of prophecy, vigilance and royal elegance, our Hawk elegance has already become synonym with great taste and versatility, two of the Learn More

Bird in Space Embroidered Leather Ankle Boots (black)

Regular Price: £230

Special Price £180

The Bird in Space collection is about freedom, motivation and emotions that give you wings to fly. All of them are embedded into these leather boots, whose design and high level of comfort turn them Learn More


The small-scale notebook with leather embroidered covers in an indispensable accessory for all those who wish to organize their daily tasks in a more effective manner. Whether you’d like to bring Learn More

Bird in Space Cream leather Pumps

Regular Price: £195

Special Price £145

Embellished with sublime embroidery, inspired by the beauty of The Enchanted Bird, the white leather wedding shoes designed by IUTTA are the perfect accessory for a fairytale wedding. Made of genuine Learn More

Dove Black Beauty Bag

Crafted from the finest genuine leather, our Dove makeup bag is an indispensable accessory that deserves to occupy a privileged spot in your purse. Spacious enough to accommodate all your personal Learn More

Leather Slides Black

Regular Price: £86

Special Price £65

The embroidered slippers featured by our Măiastra collection constitute the perfect choice for the hot summer days ahead. Ideal for a casual urban attire or a beach ensemble, these accessories with Learn More

Muntenia Embroidered Leather Tote

Out of pure love for everything that is beautiful, timeless and proudly made in Romania, we have elaborated the fine embroidery that enriches the design of Missing Muntenia with a series of symbols Learn More

Tree of Life Leather Stilettos

Regular Price: £195

Special Price £170

Inspired by the symbolic and aesthetic attributes of a mystical tree with magical powers, which is extremely well represented in many pre-Christian cultures, we have designed this stunning pair of Learn More

ETA - Embroidered Red Leather Laptop Bag

ETA brings the mystery of an ancient civilization into your everyday life through its outstanding embroidery. Just like in a labyrinth, the path shows itself only to those who believe in the magic Learn More

The Silver Spoon Movie Bag

Longing makes a successful appearance in the independent romanian production entitled The Silver Spoon, directed by the famous Mick Davis. The bag inspired by old but not forgotten Romanian Learn More

Sabasioz Cream Embroidered Leather Backpack

Celebrated by the Thracians as the patron of the sun and of the horses, Sabasioz was oftentimes associated with the Htonian symbolism of the snake. Worshiped by his people, this deity was identified Learn More

Bird in Space Embroidered Strap Pumps

Regular Price: £195

Special Price £170

When it comes to completing a feminine attire in spring, our white embroidered shoes with ankle strap are an excellent choice worth considering. Perfect for those who are passionately in love with Learn More

Polaris round embroidered leather bag (bordeaux)

The North Star motif serving as the central element of our Polaris collection and the high quality genuine leather we use to craft our accessories can be found in the contour of a dreamy must-have Learn More

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