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Queen Mary Clutch

Inspired by your desire to wear a versatile, elegant accessory that is deeply connected to Romanian traditions dating back centuries, we created our Queen Mary clutch. Made out of geniune leather, Learn More

Oltenia Leather Tote

Fascinated by the magical universe of the sacred geometry, we have embroidered a folk reinterpretation of the Sacred Flower on fine genuine leather. This motif completes and individualizes the design Learn More

Bucovina Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by the colors and the depths of the Tree of Life symbol, we've worked on the design of a timeless handbag, materialized as an expression of our love for Bucovina, a dreamy land famous for Learn More

Moldova Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by the beauty and the richness of the land of our beloved Moldova region, our Missing Moldova handbag, which reflects our longings for this part of the country, invites you to discover its Learn More

The Silver Spoon Movie Bag

Longing makes a successful appearance in the independent romanian production entitled The Silver Spoon, directed by the famous Mick Davis. The bag inspired by old but not forgotten Romanian Learn More

Dobrogea Embroidered Leather Tote

Recognized and celebrated as Romania's pantry, Dobrogea is one of the most beautiful historic regions of our country, which invites us to daydream about large water surfaces and rich harvests. On the Learn More

Muntenia Embroidered Leather Tote

Out of pure love for everything that is beautiful, timeless and proudly made in Romania, we have elaborated the fine embroidery that enriches the design of Missing Muntenia with a series of symbols Learn More

Maramures Embroidered Leather Tote

Out of our fascination for the idea of perpetual flight that gets us closer to divinity, we have envisioned and materialized our Missing Maramures bag. We give you an elegant and refined accessory Learn More

Silver Spoon leather clutch

Our clutch adorned with traditional Romanian motifs features a rich embroidery full of mystical nuances, identical to the one displayed by our best-selling Silver Spoon bag worn by the actress Learn More

Transylvania Embroidered Leather Tote

Out of pure longing for Transylvania, a fairytale land well-known overseas for some of the most beautiful medieval cities and imposing castles, we have created a genuine leather bag bearing the name Learn More

Basarabia Embroidered Leather Tote

While dreaming of celestial symbols meant to bring us closer to divinity, to enlighten our way in life and to protect us, we created Basarabia. Decorated with unique embroidery inspired by the magic Learn More

Queen Mary Embroidered Leather Tote

Inspired by one of our greatest ancestors, Queen Marie, this large tote bag is designed to be as beautiful and unique as herself. We carefully embroidered the leather with royal symbols, added a soft Learn More

Crisana Leather Clutch

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Roomy, elegant and easy to mix and match in countless ways at any hour of the day and night, our Infinity clutch makes a great first impression through the simplicity of its lines and the rich Learn More

Crisana Embroidered Leather Tote

Driven by our admiration for the perpetual flight of the Bird Goddess, the patron of air and water, we have drawn the contours of our Missing Crisana handbag. Spacious, practical, modern and yet so Learn More


Out of longing for Transylvania, a magical land known and loved internationally for its breathtaking medieval cities and imposing castles, we have created the bag that bears the name of this region Learn More


Inspired by the beauty and richness of Moldova's idyllic land, the handbag reflecting our longing for this region invites you to discover its amazing shapes and meanings. Decorated with the Horns of Learn More


Embroidered with the Tree of Life symbol, which constitutes a visual metaphor of wisdom, fecundity and the unbreakable bond with the divine, the mini version of our Missing Bucovina handbag invites Learn More

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